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9th Sep


Yet another consultation…

Despite us putting forward plans for the playing fields the developers who have acquired Olive Mount playing fields are moving forward with yet another consultation presumably on the basis that we will eventually say yes to their plans for housing on the playing fields.

The next consultation with the community is likely to be in September and some form of drop in event.

The developers who call themselves Insight Sports Management have no track record of having anything to do with sports (property development yes..) sports no. It has to be understood that their aim is to maximise profit on their investment by placing as much housing on the playing fields as they can get away with (their words, not ours).

Let us remember that the 100 year lease they purchased stated that the land could only be used for sporting and recreational purposes. Allowing the playing fields and clubhouse to fall into ruin suits the developers plans as it creates a climate more conducive to development. Under their management the fields have gone from a place where children played sports, you could see cricket matches in the summer, and the older residents played bowls – to a place which now more resembles a landfill site with a burnt out wreck of a clubhouse, fields overgrown with weeds and dog turd everywhere.

When the consultation comes, remember these are the people you are dealing with.

Here’s the update letter from Luciana Berger.

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