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17th Oct


houses, houses, houses

‘Wavertree Garden Suburb Institute supports housing development on Manweb Playing Fields’!

Recently, it appears that the Wavertree Garden Suburb Institute has joined forces with the property developers who now own the lease for Manweb Playing fields. In return for a promised sum of £750,000 to be spent on improving facilities at the Institute it now appears to be backing a new proposal that has no element of  sports on the playing fields but instead proposes 50% of the land to be allocated to housing and the remaining 50% to be allocated to a housing and  ‘village green’ mixture. We are appalled that the Institute could support such a development of, and loss of green recreational space that would be so detrimental to the health and living standards of the surrounding community. Let’s remember, when the sports field and clubhouse were taken over by the current lease owners they were fully functional and maintained and not, contrary to misinformation being peddled by those with vested interests, operating at a loss.

We only recently became aware of this when we witnessed first hand leaflets requesting support for the proposal being handed out at the classes taking place at the institute, with class organisers speaking on behalf of the proposal. These leaflets gloss over the fact that land with a lease condition stipulating it is for sports and recreation would be replaced by an 85% housing development and those unfamiliar with the full details are likely to be taken in by the leaflet.

Over the last year we have been campaigning against the loss of the fields to a housing development. This has culminated in a petition of over 400 signatures sent to the council by residents protesting against the developments proposed by the new lease owners. We are staggered by the disregard for the local community’s wishes and by the Institute’s pursuit of its own interests at the cost of wider community. You may get your fancy new clubhouse and extension but once those green fields are gone then they will be lost to the community forever.

If you attend any of these classes or have children attending them we urge you to speak to both the class instructors and the other attendees and request they do not support these proposals. Olive Branch Wavertree Residents Association, an elected body, set up by residents, is in negotiations with the council and lease owners to restore the fields to their former glory and have a viable business plan to do it.

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