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21st Jan


Manweb Field Latest

A number of  Companies have approached the Council expressing interest in purchasing the land from current owners

One company has stated that they are very aware of OBWRA and are saying that if they were to purchase the land they would only want up to 50% of it to develop.

The other portion they wish to give for Community use.

By having ownership of the land OBWRA would then be able to gain funding & grants to create and preserve what we want etc.

At the end of tonight’s meeting a vote was taken with the people left in the room.

The vote was agreement in principle for up to 50% of the land being developed and 50% for Community use.

18 people were in agreement. 0 were against with 1 person abstained.

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2016-01-21 10:20:39 Reply

get it in writing, cast iron, lease hold, or it will be “Give them an Inch Take a Yard” scenario, is the vote set in iron, they will need planning permission, what piece of land will belong to OBWRA and what piece to the developers, good luck with this situation. It sounds like a “political minefield”

This is something the people of Wavertree should have a say about, did the people opposite the field attend the meeting, is it possible to send out questionnaires.
Two things spring to mind here “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” and remember the Trojan Horse.
The fact that the company are offering OBWRA a portion of the land, makes me wonder if OBWRA had a chance to keep all the land, and this company is offering them an alternative.
I still say get a Special Scientific Interest campaign going, someone said there were bats in the vicinity? is there a rare orchid or other specific natural species growing there, that could protect the land.
Whats it going to do to the road that is almost congested now. What exactly will be built there? More houses, a supermarket, a carpark?
Do we need more houses in that space, do we need another supermarket, carpark.
Is it going to be for the good of community.
Have you looked into the original lease hold of this land, why is the company offering you half the land, whats the motive behind that?

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