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20th Jan


Council Survey – your chance to oppose housing

What follows is a guide to doing this:

  1. Connect to LCC’s consultation website (control + click on the link below)


  2. Click on the “Start Survey” button
  3. The next page contains two boxes. The first box identifies the Olive Mount playing fields site and who has put it forward. Enter (copy and paste) the following text in the box:

    Which representation…

    LCC Physical Assets Local Plan Reg 18 Response Call for Sites.pdf;

    Olive Mount Playing Field;

    Map reference – 2; Site area 5.013 Hectares (Ha);

    150 proposed housing units;

  4. The second box on the page is to hold your comments. It is important that you are aware that the purpose of the consultation was to form planning policy therefore any comment you make that is not considered “material” to planning matters is likely to be ignored or considered invalid. So, for example, the loss of greenspace is material to planning because it’s permanent but the noise and dust of the construction of houses is not.

    Have a look at the attached guidance for further “material planning considerations”. Those that are important to our site are:

    • Loss of amenity of social and sports use, greenspace/ openspace.
    • Increase in already present local flooding.
    • Inability of local schools to provide pupil spaces.
    • Unacceptable increase of traffic.

    Make sure you include at least one of the above but otherwise feel free to express yourself.

  5. When you have made your comments click on the “next” button and it will take you to the page where you enter your details. It is important that you fill in all the boxes or you comment will not be valid.
  6. Click on the submit button and the website will present you with the information you have submitted. You have now officially made your comments.
  7. It would help if you could now also Click on the PDF button at the top right of the form and the website will download a comment receipt as a PDF file to your browser. Click on the downloaded PDF file (bottom left of your browser usually) and “save as” to your desktop and then send me a copy of it attached to a reply to this email. I’ll then collate the comments and keep them as evidence for use in the next stage of the battle to save this site, probably in August this year. If this is not possible please just send me a reply saying that you have made a comment.

    Finally please help to spread the word about this consultation survey to as many people who you think would be interested in taking part by forwarding them this email, sharing the instructions on facebook, twitter etc. Whether it is for this site or any of the other green spaces that are threatened – the more people that take part the more difficult it will be for the council to ignore our views.

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