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8th May


Council Collaborating with Property Developers and Ignoring Community

How much the Council is ignoring the local community’s wishes and collaborating with opportunistic property developers to, step by step, destroy green space in Liverpool can be summed up by the following:

Recently the Wavertree Society sent a letter of complaint to the council about the recent fire at Manweb Sports club and the total neglect of the site by the property developers who own the lease and have dodged paying rates. You can see the letter here.

The councils response has been to work together with those same property developers to draw up plans to place 100 houses on the site.

If this makes you feel angry join Olive Branch Wavertree Society now and fight this corrupt, undemocratic destruction of the green space OUR CHILDREN need, WILDLIFE needs, our CITY needs and WAVERTREE needs.

Is it any wonder we live in a society with an obesity epidemic when we mindlessly concrete over any piece of green land and take away playing fields from children and just leave them with busy roads to play in.

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