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21st Jan


A number of  Companies have approached the Council expressing interest in purchasing the land from current owners One company has stated that they are very aware of OBWRA and are saying that if they were to purchase the land they ...

24th Sep


Members of OBWRA attended a Regeneration, Housing & Sustainability Select Committee and as per the council website we expected to be able to ask questions: Questions may be submitted at the meeting or preferably, to enable a more ...

9th May


An illuminating meeting was held yesterday with Jake Morrison, independent councillor for Wavertree. The meeting was attended by local residents and also Malcolm Kennedy, the Liverpool City Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration ...

6th May


Please download the leaflet below, print out and give out to as many neighbours and friends you know. Olive Mount Objection May 14 Also: Thursday 17:00 JAKE MORRISON IS HAVING A STREET SURGERY ON THE CORNER OF THINGWALL AND MILLSTEAD. ...

11th Apr


The Manweb Sports club, now at the centre of an arson investigation was leased by its owners to a tax-avoiding charity which owed Liverpool Council £1.6m. Read more about it on the Liverpool Echo Site

13th Nov


Have a look at this – really interesting:  Wavertree Reported Crime Map September 2013.

17th Oct


houses, houses, houses

Recently, it appears that the Wavertree Garden Suburb Institute has joined forces with the property developers who now own the lease for Manweb Playing fields. In return for a promised sum of £750,000 to be spent on improving ...