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14th Aug


And now for some good news!

This story concerns one of our local residents:

MyBuilder.com ran a competition to find Britain’s Worst Kitchen and Paul Currie from Macdonald Road, Wavertree was the runner up. His runner up prize was a fridge and cooker but we didn’t feel we could leave Paul that way he was because his room was in such a state. So, we got in touch with local suppliers and our local tradesmen and we put together a kitchen plan for him.

Paul’s out of work (lost his job due to mental health issues, which resulted his relationship splitting up) so he has very little spare cash and he looks after his 4 year-old daughter, Claudia, during the week. When we came across Paul, he had literally nothing in his kitchen. Just bare walls a odd bits of furniture. He’d been managing with just a loaned Baby Belling and using the bathroom for washing up. We are hoping that the kitchen we gave him will make life a bit easier and give him new hope.

Paul is a trained journalist and on the eve of the kitchen build he wrote his first blog about his illness. We saw this as a good sign. i do hope it is. He goes out very little and he lives through his computer. It’s a real lifeline. If you are interested in his story check out the blog, it will fill in the blanks for you: http://thecuggsmeister.wordpress.com/author/thecuggsmeister/
We are trying to encourage him to keep it up!

He’s also kept a photo diary of his kitchen build: https://www.facebook.com/paul.currie.779/media_set?set=a.904111699614996.1073741846.100000485244121&type=3
…and we have taken some before and after pics. Check out this dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tjloyn001w53sw4/AACkA2ZSChE01L_AkUQSvtip

We’ll be putting video up too on Paul’s runner up page so keep an eye out: http://www.mybuilder.com/competitions/britains-worst-kitchen/winning-entry?selectedTab=runner-up

If you have the space to tell his story, we’d love it and if you support his blog it might just keep him writing…..

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